A Rare Friday Va Wine trip - Philip Carter Winery

After our visit to Gadino Cellars and lunch at the Thornton River Grille in Sperryville, we decided to visit Philip Carter Winery.
Our visit was in late September.  The vineyards were looking good.  Some vines still had fruit hanging from them.

The tasting bar has moved since our last visit.  It is now on the lower floor. The old tasting bar is now the cashier's station.
Tastings are $8 per person. There were eight wines on the tasting menu.
On the white and rosé side of the menu, we tasted the 2014 Sabine Viognier ($29), which has a bit of residual sugar. The 2013 Shirley Chardonnay ($28) was not your usual Chardonnay - not a winner to us, but another couple at the tasting bar was really enjoying it. . The 2014 Rosewell ($24) was a truly outstanding rosé of Merlot. The 2014 Governor Fauquier ($24) is an average off-dry Vidal Blanc. We liked the Viognier, but the  Rosewell was both of our favorites.  This rosé was complex, fruity, dry, and had a very long finish. Philip Carter not only makes a good rosé, but an outstanding one. We took a bottle of this rosé home.
There were three red wines and a white dessert wine on the tasting menu.  However, we wound up tasting two reds and two dessert wines instead. The 2013 Nomini Hill Cabernet Franc ($29) has a bit of Petit Verdot and Merlot blended in for structure. Although light to medium bodied, it packed a lot of red berry flavor and spice notes. We all skipped the 2014 Norton ($35) and moved on to the 2013 Corotoman, a Meritage blend of Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. We enjoyed both reds and recognized that Philip Carter is making some pretty good wines these days. Our final tastings were the 2013 Sweet Danielle ($24) and the 2013 1762 ($42) a port style red wine made from Chambourcin and aged in bourbon barrels. The Sweet Danielle was OK, but the 1762 was outstanding, however it is only available to club members for purchase.

Philip Carter Winery has improved since our last visit.  We learned their is a new winemaker and we are beginning to see his style emerging. We look forward to visiting again soon. If you visit Philip Carter Winery, please mention you read about them on Wine About Virginia.

Philip Carter Winery
4366 Stillhouse Road
Hume, Virginia 22639
(540) 364-1203
email: info@pcwinery.com


A rare Friday Virginia Wine trip - Gadino Cellars

We both took a Friday off in late September to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary.  We decided to head out to Gadino Cellars to pick up our Gadino Cellars wine club shipment, then have lunch in the local area.
When we arrived, Derek and his son were starting to crush a ton of the just harvested Nebbiolo.
Gadino Cellars is a small, family-owned winery. They produce less than 1500 cases a year.   Tastings are $8 per person. On the day we visited, the tasting menu had seven wines. The first two, the 2014 Pinot Grigio ($20) and 2014 Vidal Blanc ($19) are white varieties. Then there are white blends, the 2014 Luminoso, a wonderful blend of Petit Manseng and Vidal Blanc, and the 2013 Sunset ($17), a semi-sweet Traminette-based blend. There are two red varietals, a Cabernet Franc Riserva ($26) and a 2012 Nebbiolo ($38), and a red Bordeaux-style blend called Delfino Rosso ($28). The Delfino Rosso blend is 50 percent Cabernet Franc, 30 percent Merlot, 15 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5 percent Petit Verdot.  It was aged for 18 months in a combination of French and American oak barrels.
Each wine club shipment includes two bottles of wine that will be shipped to you or picked up every three months and discounts on already attractively priced wines. This quarter, we picked up the 2012 Nebbiolo and the 2014 Pinot Grigio, as well as purchasing a bottle of the 2014 Luminoso.
As a good, but small producer, Gadino Cellars sells out of certain wines or has to pull some varieties off the tasting menu to reserve for club members.  Right before we visited, they had just pulled the Chardonnay.  They were also out of Moonrise, their Rose, and  off the menu until cooler weather is their 2011 Finale, a port-style wine.

We think you will enjoy Gadino Cellars.  When you visit, please tell the folks at Gadino Cellars you read about them at Wine About Virginia.


Gadino Cellars
92 Schoolhouse Road
Washington, VA


The new Terra Nebulo Winery in Waterford, Va

A new winery named the Terra Nebulo Vineyards recently opened in Waterford, Va.
Terra Nebulo Vineyards is owned by Mike and Cheryl Morrison. The land was purchased back in 2009. The Amish built facility was designed to meet the requirements of covenants and easements which require it to look like a colonial-era barn. The name is from the Latin and means "land of the rascal."
The vineyards are leased in other areas of Virginia. The wines are made by Randy Phillips (Cave Ridge), although the yet-to-be-released Chardonnay was made by Karem Baki, the winemaker at Hillsborough. Terra Nebulo Vineyards has planted Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot on the Waterford property.
Tastings are $8 per person and reserve tastings are $10 per person. We tasted the three white wines and two red wines on the regular tasting menu, then two more wines that are added for the reserve tasting. We tried a Barrel-aged Viognier ($25), a Riesling ($22), a slightly sparkly Traminette ($22), a Chambourcin ($20), a Cabernet Franc ($24), a blended red ($26), and a Port-style red wine made from Chambourcin ($28). My favorite was the Chambourcin, which is barrel-aged for 12 months. It was a dry, fruity Chambourcin and we brought a bottle home with us. We both enjoyed the Port-style Chambourcin, which is made like a ruby Port. It is aged a year in oak and finished in 50 gallon bourbon casks, which gives this fortified wine a caramel flavor.
Terra Nebulo Vineyards' lovely facility is sized to grow. Why don't you take a slight detour through historic Waterford and pay them a visit?  When you do, please mention that you read about them here at Wine About Virginia.

Terra Nebulo Vineyards
39892 Old Wheatland Road
Waterford, 20197
Phone: 540-882-3800
E-mail: Info@terranebulo.com


Wine Tourism Conference comes to Loudoun County

The Wine Tourism Conference is the leading gathering of wine and tourism professionals to discuss the important and growing industry of wine tourism. Approximately 200 industry leaders gather each year to network and learn more about wine tourism, taking home information they can use to improve their own wine tourism offerings. The fifth annual conference that will take place at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia, Nov. 18-20, 2015. 

The Wine Tourism Conference, hosted by Visit Loudoun with the support of the Virginia Wine Marketing Board, is open to winery owners, journalists, wine associations, destination marketing organizations, tour operators, and other wine tourism businesses from across the world. The conference serves as a networking forum and provides extensive educational opportunities for this growing industry. Wine tourism is extremely important for local regions that benefit from tourism revenue and also for wineries that only sell their wine on site.

Sally Cope, Executive Officer of Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia (UWEA), and a leading expert in Australia’s wine tourism industry will deliver the keynote at the 2015 Wine Tourism Conference.

Visit www.WineTourismConference.org for more information.