Delaplane Cellars

Our final stop that Saturday was Delaplane Cellars.  Delaplane Cellars has one incredible view. The current tasting fee is $5 for 5 wines.

Jackie came around the counter to greet us.  We first met Jackie at the Delaplance Cellars wine bloggers barrel tasting.  She greeted us warmly and became instant friends with our entire party.

Jackie is a great tasting room person.  She knows wine and is enthusiastic about what Delaplane is doing.  Unfortunately, I lost my tasting notes, so I am writing this review from memory.  We started with a very interesting Chardonnay.  I recall thinking that if I didn't know better I might suspect it was some kind of Sauvignon Blanc blend.  Jackie said that Jim didn't let the Chardonnay go into maloactic fermentation so the fruit really shines through.  We agreed. 

The Chardonnay was followed by the 2010 Mélange Blanc, a very nice dry white blend of 62 percent Chardonnay, 27 percent Viognier and 11 percent Petit Manseng.  Jim didn't have enough Viognier for a single varietal this vintage, so he developed this rather good white blend.  After this came the 2011 Petit Manseng, which we really fell in love with.  This was a demi-sec wine, with good acidity balancing the sweetness.  There were all kinds of tropical fruit flavors too.  On the red side, I recall a solid Cabernet Franc, the Cinq2, Delaplane's Bordeaux-style blend, and a very nice Tannat.
Delaplane Cellars is now one of favorite Virginia wineries.  Try them out yourself.

Delaplane Cellars   
2187 Winchester Road
Delaplane, Virginia 20144-1734


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