Glen Manor (again)

Governor's Cup display almost hidden over by the cash register

We made arrangements to meet another couple from our church at Glen Manor Vineyards.  We had been trying to get together for a wine adventure forquite a while and thought Glen Manor was the place to start. It was bustling at Glen Manor that Saturday, due to the annual barrel tasting downstairs (reservations were required). We saw Paul and Warren from Virginia Wine Time. Since we had arrived early in the day, our tasting experience was almost a private one as everyone else had gone into the cellar.  Kelly White guided us through our tasting. 

View from the deck at Glen Manor
Kelly told us the farm's history and about Jeff's vineyard management and wine making while pouring our tasting samples.  Let me sum it in one sentence:  Jeff knows what he is doing.

We tasted the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, the 2011 Petit Manseng, the 2010 Cabernet Franc, and the 2009 Petit Verdot.  We purchased the Petit Manseng and the Cabernet Franc as we didn't have these yet.  Our friends bought one of each.  You hear that a lot at Glen Manor.  "I'll take one of each."  Each wine is such a great example of that varietal that you want to take at least one of each with you.  My friend Ted asked me which one wine would I buy if I could only have one.  That was a difficult question as all are so good, but I eventually chose the Cabernet Franc. Ted agreed.  This was a rich, full bodied Cabernet Franc, with great fruit, smooth tannin, and a great finish.  The new Petit Manseng was terrific, with great fruit flavor and the semi-dry finish.  You can read about the Sauvignon Blanc and Petit Verdot from our recent visit here.
We had the tasting room to ourselves when the barrel tasting were underway
Glen Manor wines are some of the best wines in the state, perhaps the best,  as evidenced by their Governor's Cup win.  Remember, Jeff only entered one wine.  Kelly told us Jeff is not ready to release the Late Harvest Petit Manseng, Rose, or Vintner's Blend yet. Stay tuned for these releases. 
Glen Manor

Glen Manor Vineyards   
2244 Browntown Road
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
540 635-6324

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