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The last stop of the day for our part of the VA Wine Mafia crew was Narmada Winery.  Regular readers know we love Narmada.  It is unique in the Commonwealth because you can taste Virginia wines while experiencing India.  Erin and Dan followed us over to Narmada and seemed to really enjoy the place.  Here is a link to Erin's story about Narmada at her blog, At the Lamppost.

Pond at Narmada Winery
Narmada Winery recently changed their tasting menu.  I think this is a smart change. Today, Narmada has three different flights from which to choose.  Flight 1 is a selection of Narmada's five easy-drinking, most popular wines, including Chardonnay, Viognier, Reflection (a Chambourcin), Melange (Red Blend) and Cabernet Franc. The cost is $7 per person. 

Flight 2 is the Proprietors’ Reserves and Classics, made up of what Narmada calls five food-enhancing dinner table wines.  These are the Chardonnay reserve and Cabernet Franc reserve wines, the Bordeaux-style blend named Yash-Vir, the Tanat, and the Allure, a fortified Port-style wine. The cost for this flight is $9 per person.

Flight 3 is named Decadent and Delicious, which costs $7 per person.  This is made up of six off-dry, sweet and super-sweet wines.  This flight includes the wine named MOM, a white blend; the Dream, made from Traminette; the Gulabi, a Rose wine made from Chambourcin and Chardonnel; another Chambourcin named Midnight,  a late harvest Vidal Blanc named Lotus; and Primita, the raspberry-infused Chambourcin. This was flight that both Carol and I ordered.

Over the last few years I have come to appreciate well-made semi-sweet or sweet wines.  Narmada makes several so these made an excellent way to complete our day of wine tasting.  These Flight 3 wines go particularly well with spicy Indian food, which is available at Narmada.  Both Carol and I commented on how nice the Gulabi, Narmada's rose, is now that they no longer include Concord in the blend.  I ordered a glass to go with our order of samosas.

Narmada general manager Mary Ann talking to Kathy and Carol
Our Virginia wine mafia friends loved their flights.  Everyone ordered some food and individual glasses of wine.  We were all staying for a while at this beautiful tasting room to enjoy our food and wine pairings.

I think Narmada wines are improving year to year (taking the grape vintages into account). The facility and grounds are really magnificent. There will be a few Narmada wines in our upcoming Virginia wine party fundraiser so stay tuned to see how well they do.  If you visit Narmada winery tell them you read about them on Wine About Virginia.
Narmada Winery 43 Narmada Lane
Amissville, Virginia 20106

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