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Following an excellent visit at Tarara, we drove over to Lost Creek Winery and Vineyards.  Lost Creek Winery and Vineyards have new owners, Todd and Aimee Henkle.  Todd and Aimee recently purchased Lost Creek from Bob and Carol Hauck.  The tasting room certainly has a drastically different look than our last visit.

We arrived at Lost Creek to find two Reston Limousine vans and a stretch limo in the parking lot.  We thought we would find a packed tasting room but this was not the case.  Both groups were being served elsewhere on the property.  We gave our card to Jill Dowling, the marketing and hospitality manager.  She asked us when our last visit to Lost Creek had been and told us of the changes that have occurred.  She went and found Aimee so we could meet her too.

Aimee Henkle, one of Lost Creek owners
We started a tasting and a conversation with Aimee and Jill and the rest of the staff.  Lost Creek had already introduced two new wines made with wine consultant Sebastien Marquet (winemaker at Doukénie Winery) earlier in the year.  The wines made under the new ownership have new Lost Creek labels with their new logo.  Aimee told us Lost Creek was planning on releasing a new wine about once a month. In the meantime, they are still pouring and selling the "legacy" wines from the previous owners, with the previous winery labels.

The first wine we tasted was one of the new wines, a dry Vidal Blanc ($22). This wine was yellow-gold in color and was crisp and clean.  My favorite of the "legacies" was the 2011 Merlot.  This is a dry, fruity Merlot with a pleasant finish.  We tried the new Cabernet Franc ($29), which was being released that day.  We took a bottle of this rather tasty red wine home.  My favorite of the recently released new wines was a red blend called Genesis ($29).  Genesis is made from 47 percent Tannat, 43 percent Cabernet Franc, and 10 percent Petit Verdot.  This is one nice wine.  Good tannins, nice red fruit balanced with acid, oak, and a long finish. This one came home too.  I plan on offering it at one of our Virginia wine parties.

Here is the new wine release schedule from Jill at Lost Creek Winery:
  • March 16 - Released Genesis (2011) and 2012 Vidal Blanc
  • April 20- Released Cabernet Franc (2011)
  • May 18/19- Release Chardonnay (2012 Stainless Steel)
  • June 22- Release Serenity (Sweet Vidal Blanc)
  • August - Release Chardonnay (2012 Oaked)
  • Later Fall - Release Cabernet Sauvignon 
Jill let us know that the May 18/19 Chardonnay release will take place during Loudoun Farm Tour weekend as part of an event program called Chardonnay: From Vine to Wine. Lost Creek will have scheduled tours through their Chardonnay vineyard area, then through the winery to describe how Chardonnay is made (and the difference between Stainless/Oaked), and finally into the tasting room to sample the new release.
Lost Creek Winery is really working hard to improve the quality of the winery visit as well as their wines.  Aimee told us they will soon start offering "the Sweet Suite" featuring custom confections from MC2 paired with some of the sweeter Lost Creek wines.  She also told us they plan on using the house on the property, now called Harvest House at Lost Creek, for events and occasional tastings. 

We like the changes at Lost Creek Winery and especially the new quality wines being produced.  When you visit Lost Creek Winery tell them you read about Lost Creek on Wine About Virginia.

Lost Creek Vineyard and Winery   
43277 Spinks Ferry Rd
Leesburg, Virginia 20176

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