Wine Pick up & more out I-66

Carol was out of town one weekend last month so I was travelling and tasting solo on this particular weekend.  I knew I was picking up our wine club from Delaplane Cellars, but other than that, I was free to choose where to visit. 
Early arrival at Delaplane Cellars

Delaplane was pairing some small plates with the wines being picked up. The 2012 Rosé was paired with a pork roulette with strawberry preserves.  I really liked this Rosé.  Lots of strawberry and melon flavors with good acidity. The 2012 Rosé is made of a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The 2012 Viognier was paired with toasted cornbread and local honey.  I loved the wine and the cornbread separately, although not too sure of the combination.  Regardless, this 2012 Viognier is quite good, with softer notes due to aging in neutral oak barrels. 

The last wine for this quarter's shipment was the 2011 CINQ3, a red blend of made up with Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc, all from separate Virginia vineyards.  This was paired with Caromont Red Rowe cheese. An excellent blend for the 2011 vintage. I also tasted the 2012 Melange Blanc and the 2011 Merlot.  I have tasted this 2011 Merlot on a previous trip.  It is a lighter Merlot, but very tasty.  It is meant to drunk sooner than later.

After picking up my wine club shipment I travelled over to Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) to visit Kathy, one of the Virginia Wine Mafia.  On my way down the hill to leave Delaplane Cellars I saw Rich, Kathy's husband, coming up the hill to pick up their wine shipment at Delaplane Cellars.

Barrel Oak is under a bit of construction. They are adding some more space including new restrooms.

I only stopped in to taste a couple of the wines.  I wound up purchasing the 2011 Chardonnay to bring home. 

Departing Barrel Oak I made a quick trip to Miracle Valley Vineyard.  Carol suggested I visit them as we have not visited them in a long time.

After a tasting at Miracle Valley I drove over to Boxwood Estate Winery to try the new 2012 Rosé.  I had visited Boxwood a little while back so the rosé was the only wine I haven't already tried.
We have always enjoyed the Boxwood rosés.  Boxwood Winery consistently makes superb rosé.  The 2012 was no exception. This year's rosé is a blend of Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.   I like how they have set things up at the winery.  Outdoor seating and tastings in the Chai are nice touches.  Very pleasant and competent staff too.

If you visit Delaplane Cellars, Barrel Oak Winery, Miracle Valley Vineyard, or Boxwood Estate Winery, tell them you read about them at Wine About Virginia.

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  1. I was at BOW on Saturday and also saw Kathy. Then I went over to Miracle Valley before hitting Vintage Ridge. I didn't go to Boxwood, but will have to put that on my list now. Sorry I didn't run into you! See you next time. ~ginger