North Gate Pickup - a belated post

Since our wives were busy that Friday evening in early August, my friend and I went to the North Gate Winery's Trellis club pickup by ourselves. While there, we tasted two special wines that Mark had at the tasting bar: the 2011 Mélange Mystère and 2011 Reserve Petit Verdot. 

The Mélange Mystère refers to "mystery" vines a vineyard received.  If you are at North Gate, ask Mark or Vicki to tell you the story.  I won't spoil it prematurely.

Vicki pouring tastings of the Reserve Petit Verdot
The Reserve Petit Verdot refers to the 2011 Petit Verdot wine that North Gate let age an additional year or so in oak.  We tasted the both that evening and most preferred the reserve wine.  The additional oak aging had softened the tannins and made for a more mellow red wine.

Tasty treats for club member pick up 
Both families will enjoy the 2011 Meritage, 2012 Rosé of Chambourcin, and 2012 Viognier selection we picked up that evening. (We tasted them before we left). The Meritage is one of the better ones from the 2011 vintage in Virginia. The fruit flavors are great and there is a nice full body.  We have always enjoyed the Rosés made by North Gate and especially from Chambourcin.  Great cherry and strawberry flavors abound in this one. Of course, we love Viognier.  This one has interesting tropical fruit flavors and a spiciness that is rather surprising.

I enjoy going to North Gate's Trellis wine club pickups.  I look forward to our next one.

16031 Hillsboro Road
Purcellville, VA 20132

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